SUNNYLiFE Over The Years

This season marks SUNNYLiFE's 20th year as the world's leading summer lifestyle brand, creating sunshine ready styles inspired by Australia's authentic summer style. And today you can find SUNNYLiFE styles on beaches, in pools and at sun drenched holiday destinations across the globe. With our core focus to deliver on quality, style, functionality and innovation, the perfect summer lifestyle solution. To get to this point it has been a sunny journey, each chapter shaping SUNNYLIFE into the iconic brand it is today. And as it is our 20th birthday, it only feels right to take a journey through the key dates that led us to the present.


2003: The Birth of SUNNYLIFE

In 2003, SUNNYLIFE was born on the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia. Inspired by the authentic style and laid-back beach culture, the founders set out on a mission to create products that would brighten up people's lives and bring smiles to their faces. The brand's initial focus was on beach accessories, but its vision extended far beyond sandy shores.


2005: Partnering for Success

Within two years of inception, SUNNYLiFE found success in partnering with its first major Australian department store. This milestone opened new avenues, allowing the brand to reach a wider audience and share its passion for sunny living.


2012: A Global Hub in Sydney

In 2012, SUNNYLiFE opened a new state-of-the-art global headquarters and showroom in Sydney, Australia. This strategic move positioned the brand as a central hub for creativity and innovation, driving the vision of vibrant living across the globe.


2013: Conquering New Horizons

Expanding its footprint internationally, SUNNYLiFE partnered with its first major United States department store in 2013. This marked a significant step in its ambition to bring the spirit of summer to people beyond its Australian origins.


2014: Launched the world's first Flamingo Float

SUNNYLiFE's creative prowess reached new heights in 2014 when it introduced the world's first Flamingo float. This iconic product became an instant hit, symbolising the brand's fun-loving and imaginative approach to summer essentials.


2014: SUNNYLiFE Takes on the United States

In 2014, SUNNYLiFE expanded its footprint beyond Australia by venturing into the United States. With the ever-growing popularity of the brand among sun-loving enthusiasts, SUNNYLiFE decided to establish its US headquarters.


2015: Embracing the United Kingdom

The sunny spirit continued to travel across continents as SUNNYLiFE joined forces with its first major United Kingdom department store partner in 2015. The British summer experienced a delightful splash of colour and style as a result.


2016: A Global Summer Oasis

In 2016, SUNNYLiFE launched its global summer pop-up program, bringing the brand's essence to life through immersive and vibrant experiences. From bustling city centers to picturesque coastal towns, these pop-ups allowed people to bask in the warmth of summer, regardless of the season.


2017: Headquarters in the Heart of London

Taking a step towards being closer to its UK audience, SUNNYLiFE established its first headquarters and showroom in London. This move strengthened its presence in the region and further fueled the brand's global reach.


2017: Embracing the Digital Age

Recognising the power of the digital realm, SUNNYLiFE launched its global websites in 2017. This online expansion allowed customers from around the world to explore and shop the brand's diverse product range, effortlessly bringing the spirit of summer to their doorsteps.


2018: Sun-Kissed Fun for the Little Ones

SUNNYLiFE's commitment to spreading joy to all ages shone bright with the launch of its first SUNNY Kids collection in 2018. The little ones could now revel in the same spirit of adventure and delight through thoughtfully designed products tailored for them.


2018: Launched the SUNNYLiFE Beach Cabana

In 2019 the highly anticipated Beach Cabana hit the sandy shores as a game-changer for beachgoers seeking a perfect blend of style and functionality. This innovative pop-up Cabana provided a chic and sheltered oasis by the shore, allowing one to relax in comfort while basking in the sun's warm embrace.


2019: Launched the iconic Folding Seat

SUNNYLiFe Introduced the versatile Folding Seat, a compact and portable seating solution designed to accompany one on all their outdoor adventures. Whether you're lounging on the beach, attending an outdoor event, or embarking on a picnic, the Folding Seat proved to be the perfect companion.


2019: Redefining Creative Direction

In 2019, SUNNYLiFE embarked on a new creative direction that has since shaped its designs and product offerings. This fresh approach further solidified the brand's position as a trendsetter, offering unique and inspired summer essentials that continue to brighten lives across the globe.


From our humble beginnings on the Australian shores to our international success, our journey has been one of creativity, innovation, and a celebration of living life under the sun. And as our SUNNYLIFE journey continues, we eagerly await the exciting chapters yet to unfold.