4 Summer Activities For Active Families

Summer is the perfect time for active families to embrace the great outdoors and lap up quality time together. For families seeking adventure and excitement, there are plenty of options to consider. From outdoor picnics and coastal getaways to creating your own DIY water park at home and hitting the seaside for some aquatic adventures, there are plenty of exciting activities that will keep the whole family entertained and energised, let's dive in.


Outdoor Picnic and Cloud Gazing:

An outdoor picnic is a classic summer activity that offers the perfect blend of relaxation and recreation for active families. Gather your picnic blanket and outdoor chairs, fill your picnic basket and find yourself a quaint spacious location to set-up for the day. Spend the day enjoying delicious food, engaging in various fun games that involve the SUNNYLiFE Jumbling Tower, Beach Bats and Inflatable Beach Ball. Be sure to spend some quality time cloud gazing, identify shapes and figures in the clouds, creating a wonderful bonding experience for the whole family.


Coastal Getaway:

A coastal getaway is an excellent way to escape the bustling city and immerse yourselves in the beauty of the sea. Start your day with morning walks along the shoreline, breathing in the fresh ocean air and enjoying the calming sound of the waves. Explore the local beaches for seashells, build sandcastles with the Silicone Bucket And Spade Set, and dip your toes into the water. For those more adventurous, embark on a family hike along coastal trails, where breathtakingly beautiful views await. Later in the day consider hiring some fishing rods for the day in search of the perfect catch or set up a friendly badminton match on the beach and see competitive sides unleash.


DIY Water Park:

Create lasting memories by transforming your backyard into a fun-filled DIY water park. Set up a Giant Sprinkler to run through, a slippery Slip And Slide, and fill up Animal Soakers that can spray water in every direction. No pool? No problem, blow up an Inflatable Pool and add to the experience, the more water the better. If you have a pool, set up the Inflatable Volleyball Set for a game of water volleyball. The DIY water park is sure to keep your family refreshed and entertained for hours, making it an ideal activity for those hot summer days when everyone needs a way to cool off and have fun.


Snorkelling or Stand-Up Paddle Boarding:

For families seeking aquatic adventures, snorkelling and stand-up paddle boarding are excellent options to explore the wonders of the water world. You can pick up a kids snorkelling set from SUNNYLiFE or you can easily hire snorkelling gear and paddleboards from local rental shops. Snorkelling allows you to discover the fascinating marine life beneath the waves, while stand-up paddle boarding provides a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape from a standing position on the water. Both activities promote balance, coordination, and appreciation for nature's beauty.


So, gear up, plan your outings and savour the joys of an active and adventurous summer with your loved ones.