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Light Up Your Space

Light Up Your Space ~ Lauren Donnelly

5 Minute Read --- Adding a neon light to your home creates a playful and fun vibe to plain interiors. You deserve to live in a home that makes you smile, so why not let our neon lights give your home the personality it deserves.

Happy Father's Day to all our SunnyDads

Happy Father's Day to all our SunnyDads ~ Lauren Donnelly

5 Minute Read --- To celebrate Father's Day, we decided to shine the spotlight on our CEO and Sunny Dad, Barry Glick.

Picnic Season is here | Pack the Perfect Picnic

Picnic Season is here | Pack the Perfect Picnic ~ Lauren Donnelly

Summer holidays are upon us, with the longer days and warmer weather we know you want to make the most of your time outdoors. Whether you are setting up in your own backyard or heading to the local park… we’ve got you covered for some socially distanced picnic fun…

Float into summer

Float into summer ~ Lauren Donnelly

Over-the-top, oversized pool floats and inflatables have been blowing up since summer 2015 and the trend certainly isn’t dying anytime soon! What will be your go-to float for summer 2020?



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Founded in 2004, Sunnylife is the world's leading summer lifestyle brand, designed to service and enhance the best parts of life under the sun.

Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with a simple goal: to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world. Today our products can be found on beaches, in pools and at sun drenched holiday destinations across the globe.

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