Summer is the liveliest time of the year; the sun is out, the air is hot and the vibes are high, but one cannot mistake that warm, fuzzy feeling for something harmless. Provided you use the sunshine mindfully and with sun protection, basking in the sunlight can enhance health and happiness, which is what we are here for!


When heading out for a day in the surf, sand and sun make sure to take along these four things:

Beach Cabana or Umbrella, opt for one with a UPF 50 sun protection coated fabric like our SUNNYLiFE Beach Cabanas and Umbrellas, to enjoy long beach days with peace of mind. It will provide some much-needed shade from the sun and provide the ultimate cooling oasis.

Broad brim hat, this will shield your face, head, ears, neck and eyes from direct sunlight. As these parts of your body are most vulnerable to the sun, keeping them protected will also protect you!

Protective clothing and sunglasses, choose clothes that will cover as much skin as possible, think collared shirts (that also just happen to be trending this season) and kimonos. Like we said, sun safety is cool! Sunglasses are also a must, opt for close-fitting wraparound sunglasses.

Sunscreen, the most important ritual of all to prevent sun damage! But it can be really confusing to determine when to apply sunscreen, how much to apply and how often, not to mention what type. So, to help you out, here are some key do's when it comes to sun safety and SPF protection.

  1. It is recommended to use an SPF 50 broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen; this will filter 98% of the UV radiation.

  2. Make sure to apply sun cream 20 minutes before going outdoors and use a generous amount. Cancer Council recommend seven teaspoons for an adult full body application.

  3. Don't forget to reapply every 2 hours or after swimming, towelling and perspiring.

  4. Read the label to ensure zinc oxide is on the list as this is one of the most effective ingredients in modern SPF.

  5. Bring along a lip balm with SPF, your lips will thank you for it.

  6. When it comes to sunscreen, choose one that suits you, this can be a tinted sunscreen, spray sunscreen, cream sunscreen, anything! Always remember, any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen.



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