Are you in need of a holiday? I mean, it should go without saying that we could all use more days relaxing, spending quality time with loved ones, diving into the sea or sunbathing on the beach. For some, it is as simple as booking a ticket or packing the car. For others, it takes a little more preparation. Either way, these five tips for planning your next getaway will make it that much more breezy.


Tip #1 Choose A Sunny Destination 

Escape the cold, top up your tan and feel the sunshine on your skin. Choosing a summer holiday destination has its perks from swimming the day away to endless ice cream and magical sunsets. The good thing is that there are many sun-soaked places to visit on all corners of the globe, near and far, all year round.  


Tip #2 Consider Experiences  

Scuba diving, hot air ballooning, surfing, water parks, snorkelling, hiking trails, yachting, fine dining, scenic drives, and the list goes on. There are so many experiences you can have at a summer holiday spot, not to say they are necessary, but they sure do make for some of the best memories and are something you wouldn’t typically do in everyday life, for some anyway.  


Tip #3 Pack Wisely  

Think about your itinerary and pack to suit those plans, roll your clothes and use packing cubes. This will make for maximum space saving which is always a bonus when holidaying. Remember it is a getaway, so you don’t need your entire wardrobe, and by packing most efficiently, your future self will have far less washing to do. If you are flying, maybe you can opt for carry on luggage and if you're road tripping, try to have the same "pack light" mindset.


Tip #4 Sun Safety Is Key  

We love summer, but we love sun safety even more. From sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protective clothing, and if you are driving to your destination, make sure to take along a Beach Cabana or Umbrella with UPF50 like our SUNNYLiFE styles.  


Tip #5 Take A Beach Bag 

Save yourself the hassle when you arrive and come prepared with a packed beach bag; include beach towels, beach pillows, a speaker and don’t forget a beach chair. You will thank yourself for being organised when you roll up and can head straight to the beach for a long day out spent under the sun.  


Now all that’s left for you to do is book that trip, sit back and enjoy being on holidays. Don’t forget to tag us in your beach and poolside happy snaps on Instagram, @sunnylifeaustralia.  


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