Mums Just Want to Have Sun

Mother's Day is here, and it really is one of the best days of the year...

In the spirit of celebrating baby mamas, dog mums, and every other type of mum everywhere (because there are a million different types of mums), we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite Sunnymums below… These amazing ladies have put together some advice for our Sunnylovers and we all know that what mums say, goes.


What advice do you give to new mums?

Parenthood is defined by extremes: extreme happiness, extreme frustration, extreme love, extreme guilt... Learn to let go, breathe, and try to find happy in each day.

What is the most helpful advice you have ever received?

Nobody else knows what’s best for your children and don’t compare yourself to others. All you can be is the best mother you can be.

What is your favourite thing to do when you get a spare moment to yourself?

Warm coffee and Netflix :)


What advice do you give to new mums?

Be kind to yourself, you are doing you absolute best and that is enough. Nothing really prepares you for motherhood other than the experience itself, it's a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. Everyday you will experience highs and lows, it's not a time to compare you or your baby to others. Embrace the uncertainty and know that you will both grow and learn together. Cherish this time, it passes so quickly!

What is the most helpful advice you have ever received?

Trust your motherly instincts. First time round I questioned my decisions over and over, i doubted every decision I made which completely knocked my confidence. I quickly realised no one knows my baby quite like I do, Mum knows best, always remember that!

What is your favourite thing to do when you get a spare moment to yourself?

Great question! I like to clear my head, reset my mindset! Sometimes I'll take 5 minutes to stand in the garden and just breathe, being outdoors is my jam and finding 5 minutes of silence is just bliss when you have two tiny humans at home. If the kids are napping I try my best to switch off too, no phone, tv or answering emails, when life is so busy and full It's so important to just be in the moment even for a few minutes each day. It's also such a treat to listen to my own Spotify playlist, we've been listening to Disney soundtracks on repeat for 2 years, I'm so over it!


What advice would you give to new mums?

Take all the help you can get, don’t be too proud to accept help. You will be exhausted so take every opportunity to sleep. My eldest son slept through the night from 5 weeks, my youngest is 1 next month and still doesn’t sleep through the night so my husband and I take it in turns to have a lie in each every weekend to recharge.
Get grandparents, aunties, uncles whoever you trust to have your child for a few hours whilst you get a sleep, even if it’s just an hour it will help trust me.

What is the most helpful advice you have ever received?

That you do what’s best for YOU & YOUR family. Don’t let other people tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing. My eldest son slept in our bedroom in his own bed until he was 2. I just wasn’t comfortable with him being in a separate room, everyone told me how bad it was and how wrong I was and how hard it would be for us to get him in his own room when he was older. I didn’t listen and he went into his own room so easily, we never had a problem. If it works for your family and you are all happy then that’s all that matters.

What is your favourite thing to do when you get a minute to yourself?

The very rare minute I get to myself I love to sit in silence, no baby tv, no kids toys playing just silence and have a nice cup of tea whilst looking at where in the world we can visit next or read a good romance novel which I never actually get to finish!! I really appreciate the peace and quiet.

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