Meet Angelica Mora: Our Senior Designer

Today, we have the exciting opportunity to sit down with the SUNNYLiFE Senior Designer and delve into the fascinating story behind the creation of the highly anticipated Summer 2023 collection. We explore the inspiration and vision for the range, the meticulous process involved in bringing the collection to life and discover her personal favourite products for this season.


Firstly, can you tell us a little about yourself, what your role is at SUNNYLiFE and what a day in your life looks like?

My name is Angelica Mora but I go by Ange at SUNNYLiFE HQ based in Sydney Australia. My background is in Textile Design: prints, patterns and illustration following my studies in Industrial Design in Colombia, where I am from. Post graduation I moved to Australia where I then joined the SUNNYLiFE team in 2021 as their Mid-Weight Product Designer before moving into a Senior Designer position. My role here combines all my passions for prints, patterns, illustration and colours and is extremely diverse. Each day offers something different, from research and development (R&D), idea generation, creating hand-drawn prints, designing technical drawings to measurement, creating in-depth tech packs for our suppliers, look books for internal staff and external retailers and wholesalers, designing each product all the way to sampling and testing. It is a long process, but it is extremely fulfilling as an Industrial Designer to see a product go from an idea to a full-scale product that will be enjoyed poolside, beachside and beyond from all around the world.


What was the theme for Summer 2023?

The SUNNYLiFE brand has always been vibrant, fun and stylish, and this year's collection is no exception. The vision for the Summer 2023 collection was to capture the essence of carefree summer days, radiating joy and embracing the spirit of adventure. And so, Utopia was born.


What was the inspiration for this collection?

This season we were inspired by rich prints, abundant colours, Mediterranean high season fruits, artisan objects and local European villages. Stripes were also a big focus for our adults' styles; we have used stripes in two ways offering both a beautifully bold collection - Utopia and a timeless classic collection - Casa. We also wanted to create something that could be mixed and matched whilst still feeling cohesive and intentional. For our kids ranges it was more character driven based on the primary colours of the season and animals that will capture little one's imaginations. This season we also launched our first 6+ collections which has been a raging success and we are so pleased to be able to offer more products to a wide audience.


And can you tell us what product took the most time to get right?

Each product requires extensive attention to detail and is worked on for months at a time, however if I had to select one product which took the longest to get right it would have to be the Flashback Retro PVC Lie-On Float, this floats structure, visual feature and colours took numerous attempts to get right because when you put two neon PVCs together the neon colour migrates, bleeding into each other therefore altering the final colour. The manufacturing technique for the internal structure is specialised rather than standard so needed a lot of problem solving with the factory engineers.


What are your top 3 adults products and why?

I love them all but after a lot of thought the Utopia Multi Deluxe Beach Chair, Strawberry Luxe Lie-On and Casa Luxe Beach Umbrella would be my top 3 selects and here is why:

Utopia Multi Deluxe Beach Chair: Firstly, the functionality of this product is next level, it is super comfortable, extremely practical and the fact that you can carry it on your back is amazing, it is everything I could want at the beach. The print is ageless whilst being fun and vibrant, like the feelings of summer.


Strawberry Luxe Lie-On: The design features of this float really stand out to me, with a sweet pink base and printing on the clear top so when it is in the sun it becomes reflective and gives the product more dimension. Plus, who doesn't like strawberries?


Casa Luxe Beach Umbrella: The scallop detail on this umbrella feels so chic and the tilt function is so practical for long days spent by the sea. It's also the kind of umbrella that will last forever, match with all your bikinis and your beach essentials.


And lastly, what are your top 3 kids products and why?

Our kids' collections are so fun and playful! The Shark Tribe Dive Buddies, Ocean Treasure Dive Set and Mima The Fairy Swim Vest would be my top 3 selects for this season and here is why.

Shark Tribe Dive Buddies: I love the combination of colours, especially on the neoprene material, the neon pops and feels so fresh. Plus, the shark shapes are so cute with little fins and eyes. Honestly, they're just adorable and so unique.


Ocean Treasure Dive Set: It's not at all typical, the starfish featured on the goggles feels so alive, cute, fun and poppy, it's not over complicated but really effective and sweet. I love the colour combination of rose with neon orange, it's not trying too hard, but it is a really nice, understated detail.


Mima The Fairy Swim Vest: Truthfully this product almost didn't come to life, it's different from our previous swim vests as it features a micro-print on a creamy white base. I love that it feels fresh with the flowers. Cute and effective!


Thank you for tuning in to this product designer interview with Ange, SUNNYLiFE's Senior Designer. If you are interested in discovering more of the SUNNYLiFE Summer 2023 collection you can explore the range here.


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