How To Use Your Underwater Camera

Immerse yourself in the art of capturing precious moments with our exceptional range of user-friendly, point-and-shoot Underwater Cameras. Designed to elevate your photography game, these cameras are your gateway to preserving the memories that truly matter. Whether you're an adult seeking adventure or a child exploring the wonders of the deep, our diverse selection of styles ensures your summer escapades are flawlessly documented.


Compact and equipped with a convenient wrist strap, our cameras are your loyal companions, always ready to capture life's most breathtakingly beautiful moments. Plus, every camera from our collection comes with a waterproof housing, allowing you to dive up to an impressive depth of 3.1m/10 feet. Rest assured, the optimal focal range of 1.2m/4 feet to infinity guarantees crystal-clear retro style images that bring your summer memories to life. The best part is you don't need to be an artist to create something truly special with our Underwater Cameras. Unleash your creativity and seize moments that will be treasured forever.


In a world inundated with digital imagery, the SUNNYLiFE Underwater Film Camera allows you to bring back the joy of tangible memories. Savour the delight of holding a printed photograph in your hands, sharing it with loved ones, or creating a physical gallery that tells your underwater tales. With this camera in your hands and our step-by-step guide to using your Underwater Camera, you become the curator and preserver of capturing moments.


Step by step guide to using your Underwater Camera:

Get a firm grip on your SUNNYLiFE camera and unlock the clips on either side.

Remove the camera from its transparent outer casing. 

Open the back of the camera using the sliding button at the end.

Push up the round winder from the inside

Insert a roll of 35mm film, and securely push the winder back down.

Pull the end of the film to the right side and begin winding the dial on the camera's right side until the film catches on and starts advancing across.

Close the back of the camera, ensuring a snug fit, and wind the film forward until the number '1' appears at the top of the camera.

Gently place your camera back inside the protective casing, ensuring a seamless seal around the edges. Fasten the clips on either side.

Now, unleash your creativity! Simply point and click. For more control over your shot, make sure to use the view finder that can be pulled up to help you choose the point of focus.

After each shot, wind the film forward using the winding mechanism, preparing to capture your next shot.

    For more in depth information about our Underwater Cameras, please click here to download the Product Manual.


    Embrace the depths of your creativity and dive into a world of stunning imagery with your SUNNYLiFE Underwater Camera.