I think we can all agree, there is nothing worse than a droopy, half-deflated pool float! But really, there's no reason why your most loved pool floats and inflatables can't always be in their prime condition! Even without access to electricity, or if you've accidentally left your air pump at home (whoops!), there's more than one way to keep your pool floats pumped up to perfection this summer. This is SUNNYLiFE's guide to inflating your favourite floats...

1. Use An Electric Pump

This is our recommended method for a beautifully buoyant pool ring or float. It's quick and easy so that you can get into the water ASAP! Say goodbye to sweating in the heat while you wait around for your float to be inflated, this method should only takes minutes!

1. Plug in the pump

2. Hook the air pump up to your float via the valve, making sure it is fully inserted and secure

3. Turn on your electric air pump and fill air chambers

4. Fully close all air chambers and ensure the air valves are depressed into the float so that no air is able to leave the inflatable

Save your breath for the important things in life and let an electric air pump do the hard work for you! You can check out our very own Electric Air Pump here.

Important Note: Inflate your float slowly to be sure it doesn't burst, and never use an electric pump anywhere near water

2. Use A Hand Pump or Foot Pump

The main benefit of using a hand or foot pump is that you don't need electricity! Perfect for camping trips, or visiting secret, secluded beaches, rest assured that with a trusty, old-school hand or foot pump, you can blow up your favorite pool floats from just about anywhere!

3. Blow Up The Float Yourself

Lung power! Of course you can still blow up the pool float yourself! If you've gotten all the way to the beach and remember that you've left your air pump at home, blowing the float up yourself is always an option, although it can be exhausting! Don't be disheartened though - while inflating your pool float without a pump may be more strenuous and take a little longer, there is a good reward waiting at the end of all your hard work! Just keep picturing yourself floating the day away, drink in hand, and in a state of ultimate relaxation!

It's as simple as that! Between these three easy methods, you can stay afloat all summer long, no matter where you are or what situation you find yourself in! Put anything else that is on your mind aside for later - right now is just for chilling out! As long as you can get your favorite SUNNYLiFE pool floats blown up and can spend the day drifting on the water, everything else can wait!

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