Make an impression this summertime with your friends and family by hosting the ultimate summer pool party. With tunes playing on repeat, pool floats and inflatables at the ready, refreshing cocktails to sip on and food to devour, all without the hassle. Now you can save yourself the time and effort that goes into thinking about preparing an unforgettable event with our guide. It also includes pro tips on how to get the party started for your very own summer pool party because what else would anyone want to do on a hot summers' day?

... nothing!


First off, think about your pool area and the feeling you want to create at your pool party this will help establish a theme perfect for you and your guests. For something stylish, chic and sophisticated, try one of these themes: blue nautical, modern Moroccan, Hollywood glam or garden party. Or for something a little more playful and out there try one of these themes: old-school retro, Hawaiian luau, poolside carnival or disco cowgirl. Once you are set on your theme it is time to order or hire your supplies.

Pro tip: The little things can make a big difference. Consider adding personalized touches to your pool area like custom stationery that can also be the backdrop to all your guests Instagram pictures or personalized champagne bottles, these are the details everyone will remember.


Now, let's talk about food and drinks. You want your menu to match your theme for a cohesive and well thought out occasion. Consider creating a signature drink that you can serve to your guests as they arrive and ensure there are options for everyone's needs. As for food, think charcuterie grazing table, canapes and fresh fruit.

Pro tip: If you really want to impress your guests, consider hiring a professional bartender to create delicious cocktails and a food truck or caterer to service sweet and savory food.


To keep the party going, outdoor games and activities for in and out of the pool are a must. For in the pool, you can't go wrong with inflatable pool accessories like floating chairs, hammocks, pool rings and lie-ons. Don't forget to also pick up some inflatable beach balls, these are so fun when lounging in the pool all day long. For out of the pool setup some games like ring toss, badminton and backgammon as a lowkey option.

Pro tip: create little nooks around the pool and garden area that your guests can retreat, you might have two or three spots set up with games but then another with comfy recliner chairs that will sure get the conversation flowing.


Lastly, keep safety top of mind. Make sure there is plenty of sunscreen and shade from umbrellas or cabanas available and ensure your guests are swimming responsibly. You can even designate someone as the pool party lifeguard if you feel it is necessary.

Pro tip: keep bottles of chilled water available and on-hand throughout the day to ensure everyone is hydrated whilst under the sun and in the pool.


By incorporating these ideas, you can throw a pool party that will be memorable for years to come. So, choose your theme, send your invites and get ready to float, splash and play the day away poolside this summer.


Posted by Simone Lavis on