Enter the splash zone this season with SUNNYLiFE! With over 70 new kid's styles designed to boost your little one's confidence in the water and ignite their imaginative. Whether it's for poolside dips, beach adventures or beyond, allow your youngsters to experience the best of summer with carefully curated sunshine ready styles. So, get ready for an unforgettable summer filled with endless fun under the sun.


Here are 5 of our most trending kid's essentials from SUNNYLiFE that you won't want to miss in 2023:


Kids Swim Vest

Take safety and style to the next level with our Kids Swim Vests. Adored by parents and children alike, they Swim Vests are designed to boosts little one's confidence in the water while allowing them to move freely. Plus, they're made in a range of bright and vibrant colours and adorable designs that your child is sure to love. Featuring nothing but the highest of quality neoprene for buoyance and warmth watch as your littles discover the endless possibilities of splish-splashing around. This season, choose Mima The Fairy Swim Vest, Sonny The Sea Creature Swim Vest, Ocean Treasure Swim Vest, Shark Tribe Swim Vest and SmileyWorld Swim Vest. All available in 3 different sizes. Shop the range here.


Kids Dive Set

Wanting to discover more of the underwater world? Well get ready for some serious adventures with our Dive Sets. Designed for exploring and allowing your children to conquer the depths of their imagination. Featuring a 3D mask, snorkel, set of flippers and a carry bag guaranteed to have your littles diving into the best summer yet. This season choose from our Ocean Treasure Dive Set, a beautiful soft pink and features an adorable starfish or perhaps the Sonny The Sea Creature Dive Set in an ocean blue colorway with a crab design is more your little one's style. For slightly bigger children, the Sea Seeker Dive Sets would offer the perfect fit. Shop the range here.


Kids Floats

SUNNYLiFE Kids Floats are sure to take your children on the ultimate adventure. Whether they're floating in the pool or riding the waves at the beach, a pool float is a trusty companion, perfect for keeping them afloat and boosting their imaginations as they glide across the water. This season choose from a variety of styles, from Baby Floats and Baby Seats to Inflatable Surfboards, Mini Pool Rings and Kids Lie-Ons. There are so many options to choose from and there is something for every sea princess and surfer dude. Shop the range here.


Inflatable Giant Sprinklers

Interested in bringing all the fun and games to your own backyard? Then you can't go past our best selling Kids Giant Sprinklers. Plus, they're flying out the doors this season, so you don't want to wait on adding one of these to your shopping cart. Both mighty in size and certainly the ultimate backyard entertainment for children of all ages, it's the place where fun and water collide in the most epic way and every little one is bound to have a splashing time. This season choose from the Inflatable Giant Sprinkler Ocean Treasure, Inflatable Giant Sprinkler Shark Tribe, Inflatable Giant Sprinkler Sonny The Sea Creature, Inflatable Giant Sprinkler Mima The Unicorn and back by popular demand is the Inflatable Giant Sprinkler Surfing Dino. Shop the range here.


Kids Beach Bats

Serve up beachside and backyard fun like never before with our Kids Beach Bats. These set of two are a child's ticket to hours of excitement and entertainment whilst building hand-eye coordination. With just a flick of the wrist the SUNNYLiFE ball will be flying through the air and bouncing from bat to bat. This season choose from the Sea Seeker Beach Bats, washed over by a gradient of aqua green, creamy white and sunshine yellow, SmileyWorld Beach Bats or the Sea Seaker Strawberry Beach Bats, dipped in strawberry pink and cream tones. Shop the range here.


Give your kids a summer to remember with our collection of SUNNY Kids styles and these 5 trending essentials that are ready to bring fun and adventures to sunshine play.


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