Team SUNNYLiFE Share Their Favourite Products

Embrace the season with this exclusive line-up of SUNNYLiFE team member picks that are guaranteed to elevate your sunny adventures. From the sandy shores to plunging poolside and in between, these handpicked styles capture the essence of the season, ensuring that you make the most of your sun-soaked days. So, gear up for a summer like no other with the ultimate list of SUNNYLiFE you need to help bask in the sunshine and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Lisa Anderson, General Manager of Online: My #1 favourite product that we have at SUNNYLiFE is our Pool Hammock Floats. They're full of purpose; want to lay down and relax or sit up and feel supported in the pool? Use the Hammock. There are so many different ways to use it, all of which are super comfortable. Plus, due to its compact nature, I take them wherever I go and always bring a backup because my friends are always borrowing/stealing them.


Simone Lavis, Brand Retention Specialist: I am absolutely obsessed with the Deluxe Beach Chair! It's like the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation, plus the design is so perfect. It has all the bells and whistle one could dream of for a long summer's day by the beach, from the reclining options, drink holders and head rest to cooler bag and portable nature. It's the Chair every beach lover needs, and you cannot convince me otherwise. 


Libby Wood, eCommerce Co-Ordinator: We had the Surfing Dino Inflatable Giant Sprinkler product back in 2021 and I'm so glad it came back in this year because last time it sold out before I had the chance to get my hands on one! Its massive nature is the perfect centre piece for children's summer parties and refreshing the entire family whilst having fun. It's been such a hit that now I've got my eye on the Giant Unicorn Sprinkler as well!


Quyen Ly, Digital Marketing Lead: For the beach and beyond, my favourite product is the Jardin Folding Seat. Even at home I find myself using this Seatfrom lounging in my living room, enjoying the views from my balcony and picnicking in the backyard. It's super comfortable, convenient and lightweight, everyone needs one if you ask me.


Brianna Coutts, Digital Marketing Specialist: The Parfum Luxe Lie-On pool float gives ultimate luxury summer vibes with a touch of golden hour chic making it my pick. Plus, this float is absolutely massive and so comfortable to lounge on all day long. Not to mention, I have never seen a Float like it, so it feels like a statement that is equally stylish and classy, some would say Sofia Richie Grainge vibes.


Luke Wilkinson, Mid-Weight Graphic Designer: My partner and I love going on picnic dates whether they're at the beach or in our own backyard so the Round Cooler Basket would be my absolute must-have. It's well-designed nature and aesthetically pleasing design, not only enhances the practicality of our picnics but this Basket also adds an extra touch of elegance to the overall experience.


Pearl Hennessey, Junior Graphic Designer: I love the juicy vibes the Strawberry Luxe Lie-On float gives off under the sun. The colours are so vibrant and fresh you would want this on the ready for any pool party event. In addition, let's not overlook its impressive size! The images don't do it justice, this Inflatable is so generous large there is so much room for activities.