These Sunnypups prove - dogs are a man's (and float's) best friend


the world needs more puppies on pool floats

Because, even puppers need a break sometimes. Chasing sun beams, being too cute to handle, and retrieving all those toys that you're constantly tossing; it can be exhausting. These Sunnypups are living their best lives, they know how to relax in style, and their float game will give you a serious case of FOMO. (fear of missing out)

If you're puppy or pool float obsessed, proceed with caution, because you wont be able to look away.

Hot-dogs & THEIR MINI-MES:

River & Sebastian

River is an OG Sunnypup and Sebastion is certainly following in her paw prints. With a collection like theirs, this puppy pair are the pool party pros.

Leroy & Boston

It looks like no one is pushing Leroy in the pool when he has Boston for backup. From Ride-ons to lie-ons; these puppy pals are ready for pool day perfection.

Ladies of leisure:


Sofia and her swan ride-on are a classic and classy pairing. Sofia knows exactly what she wants in poolside relaxation. We all wish we were Sofia.

Mini Doodle

There is no doubt about it, Mini Doodle is living her very best life. It's all tan lines and good times when you have the perfect place to perch in paradise.

the pool-est puppies:


For her pool-time ride, this little lady is thinking outside the inflatable. It looks like Daphne is a fan of floating on a cloud, or rather on one of our floating bean bags. I'm sorry, it's easy to confuse the two.


This King Charles pup looks like she's positively stuck on our cactus lie-on. With a smile that big, I think it's safe to say that Beckham is sure happy she 'pricked' that one for pool time.


This picture paw-fect, puppy princess makes our family sized flamingo drinks holder look like a full sized flamingo ride-on. This is not a mix-up that we expected, but it's a mix-up that we needed.

these dogs like big floats and they cannot lie:

Hunni Bun

Everyone knows that frenchies have more fun; and this picture is all the proof we need. This party girl pair, Hunni Bun and Rosie the rose gold flamingo, look like a match made in heaven.


Frankie is ready for adventure and he's bringing his BFF (best float friend) along for the fun. Ghedi the giraffe, and the rest of our float and inflatable friends, enjoy hitting the beach as much as the next person.


It looks like Shelby bought a one way ticket to vacation station. Sign us up! Shelby and Diego the unicorn, are serving up some killer vacay vibes with this seriously magical pic.

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