The Sunnylife Guide: Perfect Gifts For Dad


He helped you learn how to ride your first bike (probably laughed with you when you fell off), He taught you to drive, tells the worst jokes, and will always be there for you - he's your dad.

Since we all know that dads (and men in general) can be tricky to shop for, we created a Sunnylife gift guide for dads; from the sporty dad to the dad that spends his weekends perfecting his grilling techniques. Whether it's father's day, Christmas, dad's birthday, or you just feel like showing your old man some love, if you're in the market for the perfect gift, keep scrolling to see if our gift guide has something perfect for your dad…

For the new dad

For the dad who's excited to record his new parenting adventures, give him the gift of making memories with a Sunnylife Underwater Camera. This really is the perfect gift for a new dad because that protective casing will keep his camera baby-proof as well as waterproof. He'll be able to capture everything from beach time to messy playtime.

For the sporty dad

Sporty dads spend hours participating in and watching their favourite sports. Whether or not he still hits the field himself, he’s an athlete at heart. Bring out dad’s competitive side with our classic Sunnylife Cricket Set, or one of our other sporty Sunnylife games. Challenge him to a game after he opens his gift, and then let him win a round or two.

Sunnylife Cricket Set | Catalina


This dad is a doer, be it hiking, camping, or just being outside. The perfect gift is one that makes his time in the great outdoors even greater. Add a bit of luxury to his day in the sun, with a Sunnylife Picnic Basket. Better yet, plan a picnic and surprise him with his gift. Or, gift him something perfectly practical like a comfortable and easy-to-carry Sunnylife Folding Seat. It's the perfect 'front row seat' to kick back and enjoy nature.

Sunnylife Picnic Basket | Azule
Sunnylife Beach Seat | Azule


Some dads are all fun and games, and their gift should be equally as entertaining. Gift your dad with a new game that you can play together, like a set of Sunnylife Giant Dominoes or one of our other Sunnylife games. Make a night of it, pick up some game night snacks and spend the evening learning the rules and playing your new game together. Spending time with dad will be a cherry on top.

Sunnylife Giant Dominoes


Having a well-stocked bar cart isn’t just for the ladies, every man dreams of having a home bar in the ol’ man cave.Every dad has a drink of choice, and if your dad enjoys a good cocktail, help him trick out his bar cart with the perfect accouterments. Gift him a luxe Sunnylife Cocktail Shaker, Martini Glasses or bring the jungle vibes with the Sunnylife Monteverde Print collection; he’ll be sipping in style in no time.

Sunnylife Cocktail Drink ware | Monteverde
Sunnylife Monteverde Collection

Sunnylife BBQ Multi Tool

For the grill master dad

Speaking of dads that love to BBQ, the Sunnylife BBQ Multi Tool is the only gadget your dad will need to cook a mean steak. This 5-in-1 tool includes a basting brush, spatula, grill fork, corkscrew, and bottle opener. Dad will be able to chop, sizzle, fry, baste, and do about anything with this perfect gift.

For dads who just wanna have sun!

We all know that dad who would rather be working on their tan or chilling by the pool rather than doing yard work, house work, or any work for that matter. And even workaholic dads need to have some fun sometimes. Gift the man-of-the-house a hard won break with one of our world famous pool floats and inflatables and then hit the water together. Shop All Pool Floats Here...

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