Your Checklist For Festival Prep Perfection


Festival season is coming in hot, make sure you're ready to seize the summer!

Imagine: it’s a blissfully balmy afternoon and you're leaning back on a picnic blanket, glass of wine in hand, listening to live music with the sun shining on your face. Or, maybe it's a balmy summer night, and while the crowd around you heaves to-and-fro, the music lifts you up and makes it feel as if you're surrounded by a thousand of your closest friends. Sometimes, doesn’t music just sound so much better outside?

Prepare for summer-sesh perfection with our our festival-ready checklist:

The not-so-basic, basics

- Say it with me: “ticket, ID, cash.” As one who’s felt the burn of forgotten tickets, misplaced IDs or mile-long ATM lines (more times than I can count), double-triple-quadruple-check before heading out. And do the 'pocket dance' with the whole squad, because no man shall be left behind!

- Never pass on bringing a portable charger. Repeat. Never. Because, let’s face it, when your phone dies, doesn’t it feel as if your soul dies a little bit as well? Or maybe that's just me...  

The concert classics

- Painful sunburns are never a good look and they're quite unhealthy. It's all fun and games until your cherry red - so layer on that sunscreen. And lets face it... your dance moves are much improved if it doesn't hurt to move.

- Be sure to block out those ultraviolets with some stylish statement sunnies, because it's hard to make lasting memories through squinting lids. Or, create your own personal, shaded oasis by rocking the retro visor look.

- Why not level up your concert game? For those extra hot occasions, be the envy of all event attendees with a luxe electric or water misting fan, for ultimate summer-sesh comfort.

The Look

- The planning of your flawless festival attire will gravitate around your chosen event. So, get googling, or commune with the Instagram gods, if you're in need of outfit inspo. And, while your online; please... check the weather forecast. No matter how hard you try, sometimes you simply can't fight Mother Nature.

- Keep dancing in mind when planning your perfect concert fit'. Whether your lounging in the grass or it's a fist-pumping affair, you'll be up and dancing in no time! I know that that 'amazing strapless top, that you've been dying to wear ever since you got it' sounds tempting; but trust me, it will not be your friend for long. Hypothetically speaking of course...  

The Shoes

- Everyone has their own definition of comfort, I’ve been known to rock a pair of strategic, festival heels - with mixed results, but beauty doesn't have to be pain. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, and fashion will follow.

The Vibe

- For a festival affair, packing light is the name of the game! A bag or cross-body purse swinging around won’t do when dancing among the crowd. Festival-friendly fanny packs are all the rage, or try a sassy summer clutch. You’re going to need that perfect something to carry your “not-so-basic, basics,” and maybe a snack or two for fist-pumping fuel!

- For a leisurely, on-the-lawn event, comfort is key! You can't forget a good picnic blanket, for hillside relaxation. Or, sit in style, with a comfortable and easy-to-carry seat, our Sunnylife selection is sure to rock your world. Don't let an especially hot day ruin the concert vibe, make shade a guarantee with a luxe umbrella to bask under.

The Recap

Reapply that sunscreen, drink lots of water, lay back and listen to the music. Bask in the melody and sunlight, and let your cares melt away. That’s how all the best summer memories begin.

Posted by Haley Jack on