After a chilly few months, our favourite time of year has finally come around again. As the days get hotter and sunnier, the ocean calls to us and the salty air beckons.

Luckily for you, we've just dropped a brand new range that's perfect for bringing on your next summer getaway. Let our summer 2023 collection whisk you away to your own private utopia. Think blissful days with no end in sight. Wading in shimmering blue water and sun-drenched afternoons spent dozing on chalky shores.

However, daydreaming about the perfect summer holiday is one thing, whilst actually making it happen is another. Packing, in particular, can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the perfect summer holiday doesn't require much more than a few swimsuits, a sun-dress or two, and your favourite beach accessories. If you're after some travel packing tips to get you started, our team sat down to decide the hottest products from our new range that are super easy to throw in your suitcase.

These are the five things the SUNNYLiFE team are taking on vacation this summer.


Sea Seeker Dip Dye Beach Bats

Sometimes simple is better, especially if you're trying to pack light for a holiday away. Our iconic beach bats are one of our all-time favourite beach games, and they are so easy to throw in your suitcase! What better way to spend a warm afternoon by the water than with a relaxed rally back and forth. Featuring a citrus dip dye print, the Sea Seeker Beach Bat and ball set is the ultimate activity for your summer vacation.


De Playa Coral Pool Ring

Pool floats may not seem like a packing essential, but imagine how nice it will be to spend your days floating endlessly on the water, soaking up the summer sun. With exclusive artwork from Daimon Downey and a trendy, retro-style design, the De Playa Coral Pool Ring is a holiday must-have. Plus, when it's deflated, it barely takes up any space.


Utopia Pink Melon Beach Pillow

For those who take holiday relaxation seriously, an inflatable beach pillow is the most important beach accessory. The 100% cotton terry towelling cover is soft and absorbent, and can also be easily removed and washed after a day on the sand. Inflate the trendy this beach pillow for a day of sunbathing, reading and dozing by the water. Then, when you're ready to go home, you can quickly deflate it and throw it in your bag without hassle.


Glitter Bolster Hammock Float

We've said it before, and we'll say it again... Pool Hammock's are the best floats for travelling! Not only is the Glitter Bolster Hammock super cute (perfect for matching with your holiday aesthetic), it's also lightweight, quick to inflate, and can be used as both a seat or a lounger. What else could you ask for?


Utopia Multi Carryall Beach Bag

Finally, our top packing tip is to bring a reliable, good-quality beach bag with you on any summer holiday. Having a handy tote on hand that you can quickly throw your swimmers, towel, sunscreen and sunnies into is truly a game changer. The Utopia Multi Carryall Beach Bag is not only beautiful, it is also waterproof, has room for all of your day-to-day essentials, and packs down easily into your suitcase at the end of the trip. With a detachable zip-up pouch that can be used as a wallet or for storing small valuables, the Carryall Beach Bag is an essential when travelling.

That's it summer lovers. Safe travels and good luck with the packing... Paradise awaits!