Have you been California dreaming recently? Moving abroad, interstate, or even planning a big trip can be a huge step! However, travel can also be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and shake up your usual routine. Living in a new city, state or country is a great way to get a fresh perspective on life, meet new people and see new things. Whether you're immigrating or just holidaying, there's plenty to keep you busy and inspired in the golden state! Check out the top 10 best travel tips for visiting or living in California!


1. The Beaches Are Better

When it comes to beaches, anyone will tell you that the West Coast is the best coast! Head to Long Beach California, Orange County or down south to San Diego for some truly stunning coastline. With warm water and palm tree lined foreshores, there's a reason California is known for its laid back, beachy lifestyle.

To make the most of your day by the water, get comfortable and bring along some beach chairs to recline on. For a timeless classic we love the Sage Cushioned Beach Chair, it's compact and easy to fit in the back of the car. Or, if you're after something fresh and on-trend, the 100% cotton Terry Travel Lounger Chair will have you looking like a real Cali native. Available in the colour way Skinny Dipper or Le Med, these eye-catching loungers are both playful and chic.


2. Eat Well

Food matters! One of the best ways to get to know a new place, no matter where you are, is through the food. From roadside tacos to raw smoothies, or late-night trips to the In N Out Burger drive-through, there's no doubt that the food scene in California is varied! Remember, eating well doesn't have to mean only eating salad and cold pressed juices (although there are some great juice bars around).

One of our top picks is the food trucks in downtown LA. There's one on almost every corner and they are super affordable and yummy! You can also head to The Stand Natural Foods at Laguna Beach (established in 1975) for some OG vegan goodness, or for the sweet tooth in you, head to Seaside Donuts at Newport Beach. There's nothing not to love about a 24-hour donut shop! Explore California through its food and you're in for a treat, full of diverse delicacies from all corners of the globe.


3. Style Matters

Californian style is cool, casual and beachy. Without trying too hard, west coasters love to look good and be on-trend. That doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend a lot of money on fancy things, you just need a good eye! Take something as small as a stylish beach towel. It may seem like a tiny detail, but a good beach towel can totally transform your beach or poolside style. The Terracotta Luxe Towel is the perfect example. In a warm earthy colourway, the premium jacquard terry toweling design features an abstract and organic drop pile pattern. Inspired by vintage, sun kissed memories this towel is an elevated classic.


4. Love Coffee

Californians love their coffee! If you're a fellow fan, then you have to check out all the cute coffee shops around California. When in LA, head to Abbot Kinney Boulevard and take a stroll down the iconic street, lined with trendy boutiques and cafes. Sit and sip at one of the hip eateries, or take your coffee to-go and window shop as you walk. There are heaps to be discovered.


5. Make Your Next Party A Pool Party

Make the most of nearly year-round sunshine and plan for your next party to be a pool party, complete with all of your favourite floats! In California you can swim almost any month of the year (heated pools in winter please!) so there's no excuses. No pool of your own? No problem! There are a bunch of great hotels and resorts that make the perfect location for a pool party with you and your crew.

The Freehand Hotel in Downtown LA has a stunning rooftop pool and bar, ideal for seeing the sun go down over the city with a drink in your hand. For a weekend away, head out to Palm Springs California and hit up a classic post-modern venue such as the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. Set the scene with a White Luxe Ride-On Swan (or two) and some Glitter Inflatable Beach Balls in the pool for the perfect influencer-level birthday bash or end-of-year celebration. Just imagine how good the photos will be!


6. Soak Up The Sun

With world famous national parks and beaches, getting outdoors and soaking up some sun is an obvious pass time in California. Without venturing too far from home, you can enjoy a picnic with friends in a local park surrounded by beautiful eucalyptus and pine trees. Pack the Le Med Wash Me Beach & Picnic Blanket, a few snacks and a book or board game for the perfect weekend hangout! Even in winter, the sun will still likely be shining. Rug up with a jumper and big blanket, and enjoy the fresh air!


7. Rent A Bike

Unlike an East Coast city such as New York, California is known for being a driving state. Most people will tell you that you need a car to get around, and whilst that may be true for your day to day 9-5, there are also some great opportunities for bike riding! On the weekend grab a friend, rent bikes together and go cycling around the city. Some of my favourite places to ride are across the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, or along the bike trail between Santa Monica and Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.


8. Slow Down & Chill Out

They say everyone is a little bit more relaxed in California, and whilst we know it's a stereotype, there's definitely some truth to the statement. With almost year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and plenty of space to spread out, it makes sense that Californians prefer a chilled-out way of life. Take a lesson from the locals and slow down the pace while you're here. Indulge for your inner child and grab a set of our Natural Bamboo Paddles for your next park trip or beach picnic. These luxurious beach bats are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life but also enjoy setting aside some time for play. 


9. Embrace Cocktail Hour

Take a break from the bars and restaurants and embrace cocktail hour at home. For a quiet night in, head to a friend's place and get comfy on the couch with a few drinks and some board games. Bring along our Terracotta Cocktail Essentials Kit to test your mixing skills whilst getting competitive with the Aurora Lucite Jumbling Tower set. In summer you can head outside and enjoy the warm nights, and in winter you can snuggle up by the fire and get cosy. It's a greatly weekly tradition for getting all your friends together and catching up.


10. Explore

As the third largest state in the US, it's no surprise that there's heaps of exploring to do across multiple cities in California! From the beach to the forest, the desert to the ski slope, there's no limits to where your California adventure can take you. Trust us, you're going to want to see as much as you can.